Count Your Blessings

Have you ever sat down or stood and looked around and realized Wow, this journey I’ve been on has taken me down many paths. And yet here I am still alive, some tattered, some torn, battered, bruised, full of heartache and full of Joy, so much wiser and yet realizing how little I really know. Totally amazed as I back track along those paths looking at the choices I made, the people who have weaved in and out of my life in different seasons. All the hardships, heartaches, tragedies, triumphs and Joys. But I’m alive! At 63, soon to be 64, I’m so thankful to a Savior who hasn’t quit saving me from all that this life throws at me. There’s an old hymn that goes, “ count your blessings, count them one by one” Where does one start with that count. I would have to start at Salvation, go back to my childhood and talk about being the oldest of five children and a few family members and friends and then fast forward to motherhood. With that I would have to say I’m the most blessed woman in all the earth. 1,2,3,4,5,6 sons and 1 daughter and what a joy they are. Counting my Blessings doesn’t stop there. The many other children who have come and gone in my life, many nieces and nephews and the blessings go on and on to my 17 grand children. Not to mention the rich friendships that I’ve had through the years and still do. So tonight as I go to sleep I won’t be counting Sheep, I’ll be counting blessings. I hope that counting your blessings will put you to sleep also. Be blessed tonight. Till we talk again.


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