Gods voice is personal to you!

Have you ever been in situations or circumstances where you just wanted God to yell at you and tell you loudly what to do or what his will is in what you were going through? I can remember clearly wanting this at various times in my walk with Him. And yet it’s that still small voice down in our spirit man where he lives in us. That quiet place that takes time to get to know that tells us what to do and leads us. When my granddaughter was born I was standing by the bed of my daughter in law just minutes after she was born, she was nestled up against her mommies chest. My son, her daddy was standing at the end of the bed and spoke. When he spoke her little head came straight up and she turned her face in the direction of her daddy. You see her daddy talked to her everyday before she was born and the fruit of that was that she knew his voice immediately after she was born and heard it. But remember it took nine months of his talking to her for her to know that voice.  Another time I was at a softball game watching two of my other grandchildren play. As my granddaughter approached the plate to bat my son made this sound, as soon as he made that sound my granddaughter began to look around for her dad. She found him, he showed her what he needed to and she nodded with a yes and went on to get a hit.  I sat there amazed at the communication my son had established with his children at the games. He went on to tell me that all four of his children knew that sound and it was his way of getting their attention when he had something to tell them. This was a sound only his children knew. It wasn’t a loud sound at all because when he made it I could barely hear it. It seemed to take forever for me to hear Gods voice. In actuality it wasn’t all that long. God speaks to us in many different forms. Even audibly, and that has only happened once in 40 years. But getting to know his voice and what it sounds like to you takes time. Nature speaks for itself as to his very existence and beauty. His word is who he is from before the foundation of this earth to eternity, the word is God. So when we ask Jesus into our lives and heart and become born again, our spirit man comes alive and he lives in us. In him we live and move and have our being. So we will come to know him and his voice and who he is in us and who we are in him. He says in his word that “my sheep know my voice and follow me” When he speaks we will look until we find him and listen to what he is saying. You see hearing Gods voice is having a relationship with him, just like having a relationship with anyone else. You get to know the voice. You can answer the phone and the voice will tell you before any name if you know that person. Hearing Gods voice as well as knowing Gods voice is relationship. It’s personal to every believer. Just like our voice is to all those we know. Still yourself before your savior and your God and you will hear his voice and follow it.  He speaks life to us, as we walk out this life with him and in him as he is in us.


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