Giving Birth

 We have been talking lately about the Holy Spirit and how some people don’t know much about him or are afraid of him. As I was reading in Matthew the other day, the scripture in Matthew 1:20 caught my eye .It says that Mary has conceived a child by the Holy Spirit and his name shall be Jesus. Well no wonder some people are afraid of the Holy Spirit, because they will be impregnated with Jesus. Once you’ve conceived, a birth will follow. Paul said in Galatians 4:19 “my children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ is formed in you”. With any conception there is a labor and birth. Anyone who has birthed a child knows the labor involved or anyone who has birthed anything, like a business or a concept of any kind knows the labor involved and the birthing process. It usually involves blood, sweat and tears. But once done it’s glorious and well worth the labor you had endured. Once you’ve accepted Jesus as your savior you are now impregnated with him. He is living on the inside of you now and as the scriptures tells us through out, our flesh wars with our spirit. As we live each day and go through trials and tribulations involving relationships at home in the office or whatever we are a part of, we can yield to the spirit and lay down our flesh or we can yield to our flesh. But yielding to the spirit is hard work. We are laying down our thinking, our ways ,our wants and our will and giving it to a part of us that will birth Christ in us. His ways His thoughts his will and his character will become us as we birth him onto our very being. This is not an easy process I’d like to candy coat it but let me assure you that the outcome and outlook will be well worth the labor it took to birth Christ in you. His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts and his love and grace endures forever, as his mercies are new everyday. My friend, our first choice to make Jesus our savior leads to our second choice to make him our Lord! Endure the labor to the end and the birth of Christ in you will be glorious and eternal.


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  1. Well said! His birth in us, changes us in every way, deed and thought…💚
    In the difficult struggles I encounter, I find myself saying, “just how do people without the Lord in their lives ever make it”?

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