Our Will to Forgive

 Today I want to talk about forgiving. Oh that word forgive, it’s a hard one. Since our soul is our mind, will and emotion and our spirit comes alive at rebirth forgiving is a spiritual part of us that contains only one part of our soul, our will. It’s not something we can think through because as a believer we are commanded to forgive. It’s not a part of our emotion because feeling like forgiving is not part of the command to forgive. It is however, that part of our soul that has to line up with Gods will.  We have to choose or will to forgive. This act of our will becomes the spiritual act of obedience, to forgive. The things that come into our lives that cause us to have to act in obedience and exercise our will to forgive always comes from an action of another. In word or deed we can be offended, hurt wounded, accused, degraded, unappreciated, manipulated, controlled, questioned, lied to or about or angered. I’m sure you might even have experienced other things not mentioned. Going back to the time of my divorce, which took over two years, Forgiveness was a very hard process for me as I wasn’t forgiving just my husband in the process but the other woman, several in his family and even a couple of my children. In the Lords prayer we are told that we are forgiven in the manner we forgive. This is huge as we tend to forgive with a stipulation or a “but” on the end. In Matthew 18: 22 Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven. Now doing the math that comes to four hundred and ninety times. So does forgiving end there and at the last tally you’re done forgiving. Well not so fast as that number is a daily number. Yep daily. During the divorce and all the trauma and heartache l literally had to will myself to forgive them many many times in a day. I didn’t run a tally like playing a card game I just willed or chose to forgive. God is the one who sorts out the emotions and brings the healing. I’d like to say that it’s done at the first act of forgiveness or even by the end of the day when you’ve chosen to forgive countless times, but it’s all in Gods timing. The healing and feelings come in Gods timing. Stay obedient continue in the faith and walk through what ever it is that requires forgiveness with Jesus. He is our ultimate example of forgiveness. This innocent man of God endured our sin on that wooden cross crying out to the Father on our behalf for our forgiveness and making it possible for us to forgive.


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