Gods Surprises

Life sure has its way of surprises when least expected. Surprises, that change the dynamics of an individual life and affect the whole family. This change was out of the blue but a blessing more than anything. Our fourth son married 17 years ago. With his wife came two adorable children. A boy, two years old and a girl four years old  Fast forward to this last week our grandson who is now 19 came to my son and asked him to adopt him so he could carry his name and his children will also carry his name. No one saw this coming but we are all so excited. The process since his son is an adult will be quite simple. To add to the excitement our grandson is engaged to a woman who has a little boy. This little boy has been in our lives since he was five months old, he will be two in a couple of weeks. As soon as they marry he is going to adopt this little boy. It will be quite a celebration for our family. This is a blessing that took us all by surprise. God is so good!


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