A Sad Day

Today is a very sad day for me. I received a text from a very close sister in the Lord who is going to loose a grandchild. Her daughter after an MRI has just found out the baby boy she is carrying is not growing and some organs are not in place. Whether they will have him after birth for a short while or he is stillborn is yet to be known. My heartache is heavy for them and flowing with love through my tears and prayers. You see just this year at the end of February I experienced the loss of a grandson. I have lost not just one but two grandsons on my life. The first we lost at five months to a bronchial infection. He was an identical twin and on fathers day five years ago when we were getting ready to have a family cookout instead we mourned the loss of our little love. The second was on a Sunday. On Saturday, the day before, we went to a baby shower for our son and daughter in law. Both come from a large family so this was quite a celebration. At four am on Sunday we got a call from our son at the hospital our grandson was gone. Full term, perfectly formed everything in place, the placenta had ruptured death was instant. When we lost our twin we have the life of the other as a reminder of our loss, but in reality the loss is felt in our hearts. I hold onto Gods promise that I will be reunited with my loved ones when I get to heaven. Our grandsons are playing in heaven with Jesus for- ever in our cloud of witness’s cheering us on to eternity. Oh what a glorious reunion but until then I will hold them in my heart still missing holding them in my arms. Our strength is in Christ alone and joy does come in the morning. In these times of loss joy does come in the mourning! 


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