MY Plans Gods Steps

Psalms 16: 9 says that  “ A mans heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

 In my job I meet some very interesting people. People who have turned their craft into a business and others who have interesting hobbies and others who are thinking about turning their hobby and craft into a business. The other day a lady came into work and as I was helping her I always ask what their craft is, she began to tell me not only what her craft was but also the opportunity that has come her way. I was very excited for her and asked her if she had thought about having a partner in this opportunity. She lit up and said “no but are you interested”? I said yes and we exchanged numbers. On the following Saturday we met and looked at the building that would allow this opportunity to happen. The building was perfect the rent was even more perfect and the possibilities were endless. So we left one another and said we would be in touch in a couple of days. When we talked again it was pretty obvious that we were both on the same page. We knew that we couldn’t quit our existing jobs and go into this full time. We didn’t have enough capital or near enough inventory. So we decided to keep in touch and see where we were in the near future.  A few days later while at my grandsons wrestling meet she text me. As I read her text, the scripture in psalms came to life. After over 30 years at her job she had been let go. I was amazed and very thankful at Gods faithfulness to direct my steps. I text her back and told her how sorry I was for her but now she had the time to concentrate on her craft and build her business. I ask God to bless her and sent the text. I am still amazed at how this played out and so grateful that I allowed God to direct my steps. And that’s living life. 


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