A Milestone

Today is a milestone for me. Only those around me hit this milestone and one that is in the distant future in my mind. One that when it creeps up on you, leaves you in a surreal state of mind and may I add, being. My one victory in this milestone is that I’m told I don’t look old enough for such a state of being. You’ve probably guessed it by now. Yes I’ve just turned that golden oldie age of 65. When my medicare card came in the mail with my name on it I looked at my husband and said “ how did I get here” and “how is this even possible”? So here I am, with children in their thirties and forties, married grandchildren and yes a great grandson. Life doesn’t feel this old. The seasons of life have changed some. It’s just my husband and me in this house, laundry isn’t mounted and growing, meals have shrunk in size and there are many more quiet moments in a day than all the years of raising six sons. God says that life is but a moment and yes I have to agree once again with my all knowing God. Life is but a moment. Looking back in time it’s clear that time flies. But looking forward in time it seems forever. Yes I do take time to stop and smell the roses now. During the years with children home the roses got set in another room so we had room on the table for food. Their fragrance was a whiff as I flew by them to accomplish my mission in the house. The quiet of the morning, which is a frequent setting, now was few and far between as the boys were growing. It only happened; well I can’t remember it happening when they were home. But the noise of life happening was a constant in those days and surely missed today. Yes I have reached a milestone in this life. One that makes me reminisce more with thankfulness and yes makes me embrace this season with a surreal reality. 


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