Lady Bug Rock

One of the things I love about my job is the interesting people who come in to the store. A few weeks ago an older woman came into the store and as I was helping her I asked her what project she was working on. She told me and we talked about it for a minute but them she said to me “ hold out your hand I want to give you something” I was not sure what to think but I held out my hand anyway. She placed in the palm of my hand, this little rock that was painted like a ladybug. As I looked at it she began to tell me that she finds these little rocks and paints them to look like little bugs of some sort. This happened to be a ladybug. She then went on to tell me that she selects certain people to give them too and I was the one she selected that day. She went on to tell me that she gave it to me to pray for me and that it was to remind me to pray for someone and her. I felt honored that she chose me that day and placed the rock in my pocket. I did pray for her and someone else that day every time I put my hand in my pocket and felt that rock. But then it ended up on my dresser. Today as I was dusting I saw that ladybug rock and was reminded not only of that beautiful lady but, of what that ladybug rock meant. So now it’s in my office next to my bible and my computer fulfilling it’s purpose to remind me to pray for that precious lady and someone else today. My prayer for that precious lady is for her health and a steady hand to make those little rock bugs and the boldness to reach out and encourage others to pray.


Gods Question

There’s a verse in Genesis that has always fascinated me. It’s Genesis 2:11 and God said, “ Who told you that you were naked”? The reason I love this is first that God was asking a question that he knew the answer too. He knew He did not tell them that they were naked. But he knew who did. This question is accountability first to God then to ourselves. I have had several conversations with believers whether they were friend or acquaintance, as they tell me about situations in their lives and what they are thinking concerning a situation. I would hear from them things that were hindering them or stopping them from doing something. For instance, I went to a banquet with a friend the other night and afterwards we stopped to just talk. She was telling me that she had such a strong desire to go to this certain church. As she talked and explained what she was feeling about going to this church, she said, “ I have to wait”! I looked at her and “said,” “ who told you that you have to wait”? Did God tell you? Did your husband tell you? As she turned to look at me with wide eyes she “said,” “ what do you mean? I again asked her “ who told you that you have to wait? She “said,” “ no one told me. My response was “ why do you have to wait? You see there are two main voices that we hear, Gods and satans. But we also have a voice and often listen to our own reason as we are deciding what to do in our lives. Isaiah, 55:8 says “for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways,” “saith” the Lord. You see, I asked that question to my friend so she could discern whose voice told her to wait. She was quite surprised as she thought about my question and realized that it was her own voice that was she was listening too. I have learned so much from Gods question to Adam and Eve. You see God, was asking you and me that question. That question alone makes us have to be honest with God and ourselves “who told you”? Hopefully that question will show us if we are truly listening to God and being obedient. So if you are in a conversation with me and struggling with something I will ask you “who told you that” so you can know who’s voice you are listening too. I also will ask myself this question as I’m sorting through life’s choices. Going back to the beginning in Genesis keeps me going forward in my walk with the Lord. I love this question because it brings me face to face with my Father and makes me accountable for me.

long time friendship

Through the years people come and go from in our lives. When I was a young single mom I went to work at a local store. There I met another young single mom. Our sons were 16 days apart in age and when we met they were a very cute six months old. We became friends with a lot in common. Eventually we both married and began adding to our families. She added two more sons and I added four more sons. We had fun getting together with the boys watching them play and become friends. We then became involved in a card club with several other women. We met once a month at night and I enjoyed the fellowship. I can remember my friend picking me up the first night and telling me that a couple of the girls were very religious and conversation might turn to that topic. I was pretty clueless about this topic but interested non- the- less. As time went on my life began to crumble, depression and fear became a part of my battle to survive. With the help of another friend I was told about Jesus, the gospel of salvation and soon gave my heart and life to Jesus. One night at card club there were only four of us. The two sisters who were Christians and my friend and I. Our, time together started by talking about the Lord. I then chimed in with all that I had been going through and how I was led to the Lord. With amazement the sisters said that this was an answer to prayer because they felt they should stop having this club. We met a few times after that but then life took us all in different directions. My friend who introduced me was still pretty skeptical of all this religious stuff, but we remained friends and stayed in touch. Then one day as we were talking she told me that she had accepted Jesus also and that I had a lot to do with her decision. I’m not sure what kind of influence I had on her but I do know that today after 44 years of friendship we live many miles apart but are close in our hearts and spirits. We call each other and encourage and pray for each other and our families. In the Lord there is no distance or division. We are truly one in the body of Christ. And that’s living life in Christ!