Lady Bug Rock

One of the things I love about my job is the interesting people who come in to the store. A few weeks ago an older woman came into the store and as I was helping her I asked her what project she was working on. She told me and we talked about it for a minute but them she said to me “ hold out your hand I want to give you something” I was not sure what to think but I held out my hand anyway. She placed in the palm of my hand, this little rock that was painted like a ladybug. As I looked at it she began to tell me that she finds these little rocks and paints them to look like little bugs of some sort. This happened to be a ladybug. She then went on to tell me that she selects certain people to give them too and I was the one she selected that day. She went on to tell me that she gave it to me to pray for me and that it was to remind me to pray for someone and her. I felt honored that she chose me that day and placed the rock in my pocket. I did pray for her and someone else that day every time I put my hand in my pocket and felt that rock. But then it ended up on my dresser. Today as I was dusting I saw that ladybug rock and was reminded not only of that beautiful lady but, of what that ladybug rock meant. So now it’s in my office next to my bible and my computer fulfilling it’s purpose to remind me to pray for that precious lady and someone else today. My prayer for that precious lady is for her health and a steady hand to make those little rock bugs and the boldness to reach out and encourage others to pray.


All I want for Christmas

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Meet Hazel, she’s named after the sitcom in the 60’s called “Hazel” She was waiting for me the other day when I returned from work. She is a gift from one of our big-hearted sons. He called right before Christmas and asked what I wanted, not needed. So there you have the birth of Hazel. She’s very round and stands close to the floor. She turns in circles; I call it dancing and goes room to room. She has her own sleeping spot and she wakes up at the same time every day to do her job. I think we all have that one domestic job that we really don’t like to do and our sweet Hazel does that very job for me. Yes she is our very own irobot roomba. At 10 am everyday she opens her eyes, we let her sleep in until 10, reeves up her engine does a little dance and off she goes. She’s like having a long handled back scratcher, she gets to all those places that are hard to reach and some take 2 men and a truck to get to and she doesn’t quit with one swipe she dances her way all along the floor until she has swooped up the last morsel and dust bunnie. I’ve seen her move waste baskets, kitchen chairs, unplug lamps and even try to move walls. She a mighty irobot with a fierce determination to get the job done. I on the other hand sit there in my chair drinking my coffee and put my legs up in the air when she comes my way and enjoy every moment. And when she’s done she goes back to her room and goes to sleep. Job well done Hazel. I’m quickly forgetting how heavy that other dinosaur sweeper is and not quite sure where I last parked it. This is one thankful mom that loves that gift that was on her want list and not need list. Thank you son, Hazel is loved more and more everyday. Now that’s living life!