All is well with my Soul

Today is a beautiful day. The neighborhood is quiet this morning even with the kids being out of school. The breeze is just right and the sun is bright and warm with no clouds to block her rays. I purposely leave the TV off in the mornings so I have that quiet time with just Jesus and me. All seems quite well in my little world today. All is well with my soul.  Although, all is not well in the world around. The spirit of lawlessness has been released in our world and with it has birthed many children. The open hate and violence, the open demonstration of rejecting the values of family as well as the values of this nation that is was formed on. The blatant disrespect of elders, teachers, and those who have been put in authority on all levels in the home and in the country. The freedom that has been fought for and that has shed much blood, with it has given a freedom to individuals and this nation that has love, respect, independence, choice, safety, peace and yes a sense of well being. But the bloodshed that is happening now is giving individuals and this nation all the opposite. There is no love, respect, independence, choice, safety, and sense of well being in this state of lawlessness. I am watching lawlessness being addressed and apprehended and it is getting angrier and more full of hate. Its fight for no borders and territory is more aggressive and violent now more than ever before. I’m so very thankful for that what is raging on the outside is not raging on the inside of me. Galatians 1:3,4 says that “ The Lord Jesus Christ gave himself for our sins, that He might deliver is out of this present evil age.” And Galatians 5:1 says “ It was for freedom that Christ set us free”. Lawlessness knows no freedom; although it fights for a freedom it is actually bondage. A bondage in this life and in the next. Stand firm on the sure foundation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and all will be well with your soul no matter what is going on in your world.



Revealing a Mystery

As I was reading the last chapter of Luke this morning and before I got past the first paragraph I was marveling at how everything in the scripture has meaning and how at that moment I realized I understood so little and so much seemed to be hidden. I was thinking about a scratch off ticket, not necessarily a lottery ticket. I was thinking about the hidden treasure or message that was under the scratch off substance and how until it’s removed you have no clue. I then thought about the scriptures that all the mysteries and hidden treasures in them and how it would take the Lord to open my eyes and reveal to me the mysteries and meaning in his word. As I kept reading the very thoughts I had just been thinking came to life. After the resurrection two of the disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus. Luke 24:15 when Jesus came right up beside them and began to walk with them. Their eyes weren’t opened at that moment to recognize him and it wasn’t until they were breaking bread with Jesus later that day when their eyes were open to see that it was Jesus with them. As soon as their eyes were opened Jesus left them. After eating they traveled back to Jerusalem and told their story to the others. Luke 24:35 says “ He was recognized by them in the breaking of the bread.”  We know that Jesus is our bread of life and his word is Jesus. Today we know that it’s the Holy Spirit who opens our eyes to see Jesus and leads us into all truth. He also teaches us along the way and reveals the hidden treasures of God as we read the scriptures and seek him. So that we can see Jesus no matter where we are and what is going on in our lives. Ah I love it when a good mystery is revealed. And that’s living life!

Road Trips

Road trips are a favorite of mine. On a road trip I actually get to see more of Gods beautiful creation and meet more of his lovely people. I just took a 2000 mile road trip from Indiana to Kansas. My husband travels at times for his work and he had seven housing communities to deliver different things to. Fortunately my job is somewhat flexible and I was able to take the time off. The interesting thing about it is we calculated three days and it took us four days. Of course on the fourth day I was scheduled to work a closing shift. So I got home from our trip and twenty minutes later I was at work. The good part about that is I went from sitting and riding to walking and standing on my feet for the next several hours, which actually was very good for me. So back to our trip, we had beautiful weather, the farther west we got the warmer it got and the sun was shining almost all the way. That may not seem like much but coming from Indiana we have had very little sunshine this winter. I’m not normally affected by the lack of sunshine but this winter has proved that wrong. I think we had a seventeen day stretch of no sunshine and by day ten I was feeling it. So closing my eyes while riding with the sun beating down on me was glorious. Since we are in a company means of transportation I am not allowed to drive, so I’m the one who gets the cold drink, changes the radio and read. Yes I love to read and I’m able to read while riding which I understand many are not. I finished reading the last book in a twenty- three book series. It was great to have that time. My husband even asked me about the book. The look on his face was priceless as I tried hard to catch him up through all twenty- three books. The short versions of course. My husband and I do travel well together, so stopping at necessary times and stretching was no problem. We enjoyed the sites we did get to see and just enjoyed the change of scenery. The only sad part is that we couldn’t keep driving and make it a vacation. We are back to the daily routine of work and no play and anxiously awaiting spring to come. I’m ready to plant a few flowers and veggies, maybe even swing a golf club a few times. Hopefully there will be another road trip in the making and maybe the next one will be an actual vacation.